Tools developed for DeFi operations

MetaDeFi provides applications for all DeFi operations. Explore auto trading,
lending & borrowing, staking, farming, swaps, and more.

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Why Us

You are probably wondering what you should bet on $METAd. But you don’t know yet why we are unique and how we make crypto a better space. Here is the ecosystem:


MetaDefi delivers an own-branded multichain bridge with its liquidity locked in the smart-contract and crypto transfers in seconds.

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Yesterday you were using PancakeSwap. Tomorrow you will start using MetaSwap. Explore the new DEX with low slippage and low fees.

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Lending & Borrowing

Do you want to extract the maximum value out of your funds? Take a Loan using the Meta Borrow platform. Fair APRs and deep liquidity guaranteed.

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Auto Trading

It’s a trading plan where buy and sell orders are automatically placed based on an underlying system or program. Orders are placed when certain trade conditions are met.

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Key Points

Welcome to the ecosystem of crypto-native products for the world of decentralized finance. Here’s why it’s worth staying with $METAd (especially at the early stage).

True token utility

$META has nothing to do with shitty tokens. $METAd is the main currency in the MetaDefi ecosystem. Stake. Earn. Vote. And more!

All-in-one ecosystem

By providing a comprehensive experience to all DeFi users, we will grow the ecosystem sustainably and create a hub for crypto people.

Decentralized governance

$META is fully governed by Decentralized Autonomous Organization, with token holders voting for key-decision proposals. Community first!

Top Marketing

$META invested in marketing and onboarded the best growth-hack specialists to the team. Even before the launch, the world will soon know about us.

Experienced team

The $METAd team hires Web3 experts to bring the project to the top level. So always bet on experience in your crypto journey.

Worldwide Community

$META owns community channels on Discord and Telegram, where international crypto investors exchange their know-how. Hang out!

Community is our #1

Community is our number one priority. This is why we want to take special care of each social media channel.



Frequenly Asked Questions

What is your utility? Is the Team KYC? What is your marketing plan? What are the taxes on transactions? And “wen launch?” You have questions, we have answers.

As in our main description: MetaDeFi provides applications for all DeFi operations like auto trading, lend market, staking, farming, swaps, and more.

Yes, the team was wholly verified by SolidProof company about their identities and received a KYC certificate. We are fully verified as project owners.

Our Marketing Plan has been published on our Telegram group, in brief, it will be: AMA tours on many Telegram groups like Caesar, Venom, Gollums, Crypto Cat, and more, CMC/CG listing, Dextools, and CoinMarketCap trending, ads on PooCoin, Dextools and BscScan, Partnerships with Top1 Influencers, listing on CEXs like Bitmart and more.

Taxes on transactions are only just 3/3, and everything goes to the marketing and development wallet. Thanks to them Team will be able to successful development the project.

The launch date of the $METAd is 11 January 2023 at 17:00 UTC on PancakeSwap.

MetaDeFi provides applications for all DeFi operations like auto trading, lend market, staking, farming, swaps, and more.

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